Friday, November 1, 2019

NaNoRiMo 2019 - What I know to start.

Here I am on the first of November, ready to launch into the challenge of 50,00 words in one month, this month. (Why November? why not a month with 31 days?)

I have followed my own advice and started before I start. (See: Start before you start... how to launch into a new book. )

I have character sketches, I have a rough statement of the story, and limited, sketchy notes for the first eight scenes. My murderer has lived in my head for about fifteen years, so I know them quite well.

I have not determined who is the POV character. There are three, well, at least two options.

Lem Ritcey retired special forces (or whatever they are called in the Canadian Military) is one. However, I don't feel connected to his mind or life. At least not yet, although he has appeared in the first four books as a secondary character.

Second, Mrs. Mary Morrison who is Sam Logan's aunt. (find Sam in book 2 of the Caleb Cove mysteries). I've done character sketches for her over twenty years, so I know her much better. She's a bit of a Mrs. Pollifax type gal.

The third character who might end up with POV is Edie Roberts (from book 4 of the series) Her nephew is the first murder victim in the senior's trailer park. She hires the Caleb Cove Security Agency when the police don't quite believe it's a murder, and when they do investigate they go down the path of drug dealing. And then they begin to suspect her.

Because the witnesses, suspects, and others involved are all seniors, the CCSA decides to put Uncle Lem and Aunt Mary undercover to check things out.

And so the story begins.

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