Sunday, November 17, 2019

Dreams can come true if we remember and act.

Do you remember your dream?

Recently a friend told me she planned to take flying lessons. Her younger self dreamed about flying.
Flying, soaring in the wild, blue yonder, is synonymous with freedom. Not so much freedom of the body, but freedom of the soul, the secret, inner us.


Ask, "What did I want to do when I was still young?"
Before the so-called reality of the world made itself known.

  • My mind flips to when I was 8 to 10. Sitting on a swing with the neighbors' one-year-old on my lap, I sang, making up the words as I went.
  • My whole being, experienced bliss. Stories.

Symbols, alphabets, and words fascinated me. So many ways to communicate, to tell my stories.

  •  My brother and I learned a secret code.
  •  A visitor gave me the Korean alphabet, and I practiced the letters.
  • I learned the two-handed sign alphabet from a deaf cousin.
  • I wrote to record the stories teaming in my head.
  • I wrote comedy, mystery, and adventure to entertain myself and my friends.
  • I wanted to learn ASL -sign language with one hand.
  • I wanted to publish my stories for the world to see.

Find a Way...

A tiny voice in my heart said, "It's not too late."

  • I looked up ASL lessons on YouTube. There are plenty.  I did learn to say hello and ask/answer simple questions. 

  • I kept going forward and in 2014 published my first two books. Now in 2019, I have five published, plus one fiction and one non-fiction in first draft form.

What was your dream?

Seize your dream with your heart and soul and find a way to make it come true.
We owe it to our childhood selves to at least try.




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