Tuesday, July 29, 2014

What makes good internal conflict?

The FOO will do it every time...

My guest today is the vivacious, hard working-hot writing SARAH KADES.

Thanks Mahrie for having me as a guest on your blog! I first met Mahrie at Alberta Romance Writers’ Association. We’re not all romance writers as the name would tease, but a group of folks dedicated to the craft of writing in many different genres. Our group just happens to have a romance history.

Which is a nice segue into FOO (Family of Origin). For better or worse, FOO can continue to impact us well after we have flown the proverbial coop. 

And it makes excellent tension in stories.

Characters reacting to their FOO can be as dramatic, comical and emotional as we are when rolling with our own family of origin.

Kiss Me in the Rain is book one of the Tanner Family Series, which showcases the adult children of messy-divorced parents. I’ll be honest, while writing I laughed, I cried and thoroughly enjoyed the amazing journey the characters took me on.

Happy Reading, Happy Writing!



Glaciologist Savannah MacIntyre was happy with her life far away from her family. But sometimes life has a way of bringing you back home when you least expect it and most need it. When the opportunity to reconnect with her estranged dad comes up, she takes it. Then finds herself distracted from her turmoil by ex-CSIS agent turned archaeologist Gabe Tanner, who would rather get another bullet to the head than reconcile with his own father. Family betrayal has taught both Savannah and Gabe not to trust, or love, which makes navigating their mutual attraction on a remote archaeological survey beyond frustrating. But somewhere between roaring fathers and dense spruce forests, they let go of the past and learn that love doesn’t care who the extended family is.


Sarah Kades loves writing romantic fiction where nature, humor and love meet. She has a lingering fascination with helicopters from her days as an archaeologist, but it is great writing inspiration, so she’s not too worried. Her first publication was the novella Claiming Love, followed by the short story Duke Out at the Diner. Kiss Me in the Rain is her first full-length novel. It is Book One of The Tanner Family Series, a five book series set in western Canada. When she is not writing, she is playing, usually outside, with her family or planning their next adventure.

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