About Mahrie

 "The only thing I love more than learning is sharing what I learn. Reading helps me--whether it is fiction or non-fiction. Writing, lets me share what I have learned though several decades of life." Mahrie G. Reid

Mahrie created stories before she could write and later captured them in Hilary Notebooks. An avid reader, she lost herself in books, learned things in books like Five Little Peppers and How They Grew to a sneaked copy of Lady Chatterley's Lover. She decided stories were a critical element to a full life and thought that writing books would be the best job ever.

Pursuing an education, acquiring a husband and kids and a busy career overtook her writing for many years. She continues to read copiously, studies writing craft, and shares her learning in workshops, conferences, courses. and in her newsletter, Tools not Rules. (see sign up form on blog page.)

Mahrie always wrote, publishing non-fiction, short stories, and poetry as Mahrie Glab & Mary Creaser. She has now come full circle, returning to writing mystery novels as Mahrie G. Reid.

The Caleb Cove Mysteries series has four books as at 2019. (See the Books tab.) And her historical, The Left-Behind Bride is currently a stand-alone. All five books are set on the South Shore of Nova Scotia.

Mahrie is a member of the Alberta Romance Writers Association, Sisters in Crime and is a graduate of Calgary's Citizen's Police Academy and Private Investigation 101.

As Mahrie (Creaser) Glab she is also a freelance, non-fiction writer (see bibliography) and instructor/facilitator for creative writing courses. As Mahrie G. Reid she publishes regualarily on Medium.com and in The Startup Magazine on-line. (https://medium.com/@mahriegreid)

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