Sunday, July 27, 2014

Who Likes Editing?

Why I prefer editing a novel to writing one....


This blog prompted by Ellis Shuman Writes: December 24th, 2013 - a blog of the same name.

1) Create the story 

As I struggle through my first draft, I hang on to the knowledge that soon I will have enough material to edit. Creating that pile of bits and bites and words and sentences is for me the harder part of the writing process.

I've tried planning extensively, pantstering and a combination. After writing seven books and managing to shape and publish two of them, I still search for that elusive "best way to write." 

Let's face it - there is no ONE best way - there is only the way that works for you. And that may change from one project to the next. 

2) Edit the story

BUT EDITING--that's where I find my feet on solid ground. I enjoy the hunt and delete, the search and improve, the prune and clarify process that takes my cumbersome draft and molds it to a readable product. I consider that a plus because the big name authors I've heard speak and whose blogs I've read all say that rewriting and editing is what generates success. 

TWITTER is a great place to meet like minded writers. Ellis Shuman, author of books and short stories and insightful blogger, explains this process far more eloquently than I do. Follow his tweets and visit his site.




  1. I like editing too, mainly for watching the story take shape. I write romance, so it's not quite as important to get those little bits of the full story into the story as it would be writing mystery. But you do a great job so you're doing something right. :-)

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