Thursday, October 23, 2014

A key ingredient to writing success

A major ingredient to writing success is perseverance.

Perception was last week’s word. This week it is perseverance. I know when I started to write, I thought I’d just write a book, fix it up and I’d sell it. Well, we all know that doesn’t happen very often and it certainly didn’t happen for me. I made the finals in the Malice Domestic contest with it, but that’s as far as it went. Looking at it ten years later, I can see why. I had a lot to learn about the craft. I had to pay my dues and do my TI – time in.

Last night I went to a screening of the second episode of Season 6 for the Republic of Doyle. AllanHawco, Newfoundland born creator and lead character of the series was there to meet and greet us and to answer questions. He is as personable in real life as he is on the screen. Krystin Pellerin, as beautiful as she is on TV, joined him and the banter between them as they answered questions reflected the give and take they have on screen. It was a touch surreal, as if I’d walked into the world of the Republic.

Republic of Doyle burst onto the TV scene six years ago and quickly won the hearts of Canadians and the world. They had us with the Newfie audacity of Jake Doyle and the cocky humor of the whole cast. Before that, I had never heard of Allan Hawco. However, the man has paid his dues in stage, film and TV on both sides of the camera. His credentials and awards are impressive. He has TI. And now he has fame.

Many writers who seem to appear on the scene as full blown successes, like Allan Hawco, have paid their dues quietly and steadily. Their overnight success took years, maybe decades. They persevered.

My point here is if you want to be a writer, keep writing. Write journals. Write poems. Write short stories, novellas, novels or scripts. Learn your craft, perfect your story skills, and above all, persevere. Persistence is often the final ingredient that makes the difference between not succeeding and succeeding not only as a writer, but in any endeavor.

Can you persevere? Go the distance? Put in the time?


  1. Excellent advice, Mahrie! BTW...Great picture!

  2. Thanks Joanne - it was a fun evening and a lesson in how to succeed.