Sunday, February 9, 2014


Fifty years ago my friends and I gathered in my living room to watch the Beatles first performance on The Ed Sullivan Show. One girl friend was quite enamoured of them, and I remember her squealing, moaning and falling on the floor. Many in the audience on the TV were doing the same thing. Tears and fainting. Not being a music person (I can't carry a tune in a tin bucket), I thought they were nice, but not worthy of such adoration.

What I remember is that earlier in the day, my friend had told me that if I kept my nylon stockings frozen in an ice block in the freezer, they would be more resistant to runs.  We had put a pair in a container and frozen them to test the theory. (I don't remember the results.)

Fifty years down the road, I don't think the frozen stockings craze has caught on. Actually, I never wear stockings (or pantyhose) so I suppose somewhere out there she may still be freezing hers.

The Beatles on the other had TOOK. Their music is as popular now as ever, and over the years I came to appreciate and enjoy it. I now get nostalgic when I hear it and even though I sing off tune, I sing along to the familiar tunes.

Where were you that night? Did you see their first TV performance? And did you ever freeze your stockings on purpose?

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  1. I too watched the Beatles on Ed Sullivan and like you I didn't faint or even scream. But I can never recall freezing my stockings. I remember putting nail-polish on the run so it wouldn't run further. The trick was to put it on immediately you caught it. If you used clear it was hardly noticeable. I remember thinking the Beatles were certainly good dancing music and I loved dancing.