Sunday, September 15, 2013

Writer’s Platforms usually include Twitter. For months, a year in truth, I avoided Twitter. My Tech-savvy advisors within ARWA, my writing group, encouraged me to try, told me it was easy, fun, informative and great for networking, keeping up with writing industry buzz and truly easy. (Yes I intended to double up on the “easy” part of the advice.)

Recently I set aside half a day and took the plunge. First I went to UTube and researched “how to use Twitter” and other related topics. I watched the top three or four ‘bits’ on the resulting list and found out my advisors weren’t exaggerating the ease of it all.

Into Twitter I went and immediately backed out of the site. One more question. The simple request for an account name and on line name threw me. I know, sounds like a simple item. My thoughts went something like this: Account name? Should that be my real name? Is a legal issue? Does the account name show on the post and site? (YES, it does.) Of course, it may have been the simple panic of a near-ludite user. The online name was easier. It would be my writing name.

A quick email to my resource, Lorraine Paton (@patonlorraine), another search on UTube and I had my answers. My account name is Mahrie G. Reid and my “handle” or onsite name is @MahrieGReid.

It’s only been a few days and already I’m loving it. For now, following and learning are taking precedent. The information links are amazing. Two links to blogs/websites I found helpful follow.

- In particular there is an article on hooking readers with the first line of your book. See “How to Hook your Readers” in the list of most recent blogs on the right hand side of the Home page.

- On the Road to Reinvention – Her blog on BoomerLit introduced me to a new, exciting market for more mature writers and readers.

The writing industry is changing and evolving. Get used to it, embrace the processes and TWITTER ON!


  1. I have a Twitter account (apparently) but have never ventured down the long road of short information bites. Not because I don't appreciate the need to evolve and keep up with the times, but because I am trying to move into the hunkering down stage of my writing life. I need to focus my attention on this book, the "practical" issues of getting on with life outside writing that must be attended to and getting a good night's sleep.

  2. I joined twitter without really knowing much about how to utilize it in any way. I should research like you obviously are doing. Good article on explaining yet another complicated part of the internet. Thanks.