Tuesday, April 17, 2018

What people are saying about the Left-Behind Bride.





Mahrie G. Reid


BWL Publishing

World War I widow, Maggie Conrad Benson, loses a second suitor to The August Gales of 1927.  Turning thirty, and left on her own after her father also dies, she resolves to make a life for herself and her younger brother, Ivan. Needing to pay off family debts, Maggie takes whatever jobs she can find, and Ivan goes to work for the rum runners and handles bootlegging along the local coast.

When war-veteran and Prohibition Preventative agent, John Murdock McInnis, arrives undercover as the new school teacher, he is referred to Maggie for room and board. With a bootlegger and a man she suspects is a policeman living under her roof, Maggie must juggle law and justice, family loyalties and her growing attraction to John Murdock as she considers whether marriage or a single life is for her.



TheMirimache Report 

James Fisher, Reviewer

"Well-written historical fiction, with a cozy touch!"

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I planned to read [The Left-Behind Bride] over the course of a few evenings once I managed to get the children into bed. I sat down at the computer with a glass of wine one evening and just couldn't find a good place to stop reading.  I was up far too late for a work night and obviously enjoyed the novel! I love Maggie. She is strong, determined, creative, resourceful...the list goes on. 
  Desiree Bukowski

 When I got to the end of [The Left-Behind Bride], I felt like I had lost my best friend. I was so engrossed in Maggie's problems, trying to create a life for herself and her brother after her father died, battling the bank who threatened to foreclose on her bank loan, and trying to be recognized as a person in a time when women had few rights. And then there's JM, the handsome school teacher who boards at her home. Who is he and where does he go at night? Anyway, I just loved it. I am definitely going to check out more of Mahrie G Reid's books. Just way too good.
                                                                                       Suzanne de Montigny

I read [The Left-Behind Bride] in a single day. Kept wanting to get back to it each time I had to put it away for eating, etc. Not many books have that kind of a spell over me, so that's a big win. Also loved both Maggie and JM and their chemistry. Both are level-headed and wholesome characters. These two were immensely likeable. Also loved the interactions between Maggie and Ivan. 

   Swati Chavdi

Thanks to those who assisted in making this book what it is. And to BWL Publishers for creating the concept and gathering the writers to produce the 12 books in The Canadian Bride Collection. I am honored to have been asked to write the book for Nova Scotia.