Friday, December 23, 2016

Stress-free Christmas at our house

 It is Christmas time again....

  Lots of folk are still running around, buying, baking and decorating. I'm done. I send three packages this time of year, one to each set of grandchildren. This year they were all in the mail by November 24th. (I had surgery on the 25th- only reason for the earliness.)

However, it has been relaxing to have it done. Here in our home we place a few ornaments on the shelves and call it a day. Both my husband and I have had less the stellar Christmases at times. We both find it less stressful to stay quiet, watch a couple of movies and wish each other Merry Christmas without a turkey dinner or a tree, or even presents. Out gift to each other is the calm, stress free atmosphere.

This is Dad and Mom the last Christmas they were both alive. Dad, who had dementia, played Santa in the care home and managed to stay in character for the entire event. Mom was so proud of him she gave him a big kiss. It made the day for both of them--at least I like to think. When I was young, Christmas was huge and busy for my clergyman father, With miscellaneous guests coming for dinner, mom was just as busy. They did give me and my brother a great Christmas morning, no matter what.

If the grandchildren were close enough to arrive at Christmas, that would be a different bundle of mistletoe. For them we have, and would again, put out the fixin's and brightly wrapped gifts. Children in the house make a difference and spread excitement and joy to all of us. 

Remember, Christmas for some is stressful and perhaps even depressing. For them we wish a good day. Others, like us, enjoy being quiet. But don't feel sad for us. We are happy at this time of year. We are content to be here with each other and we are delighted that those of you who love the tinsel and glitter get to enjoy it--in your own way.

To all of us:

A Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

however we choose to celebrate.