Wednesday, December 9, 2015

4 Christmas Touchstones

 We all have touchstones that summon memories for us. Here are four Christmas ones that touch me instantly.

1) Presents under the Christmas Tree. This goes hand in hand with # 2. I also remember our dog, Nigel,who one year ate a pound of chocolate and another year half a "round" of cheese from the factory.

 2) Little kids

The thrilled response of the very young who love Grandma's homemade mitts. Children are the heart of the family when it comes to this time of year. Their anticipation is electric and their fun contagious.

The Grandparents ( and great grandparents)  This was the last Christmas my Mom and Dad had together. Dad had dementia and memory issues but remembered to stay in his "Santa" role for the whole party. Mom rewarded him with a kiss.

  4) The memories of Christmas past.

 This one is me with my younger brother and our Mom. We got one big gift (mine was the doll and the cradle,) a new pair of pj's and a filled stocking. The stocking had a quarter in the toe, then an apple, an orange, some barley candy on a stick and a book of Lifesavers. 


From other relatives we got socks, mitts and books... the books were the best gifts for me.

What are your Christmas 'touchstones?'