Wednesday, October 14, 2015

5 Items(from tables to bras) infused with memories...

Melody Harris in her recent blog, Sentimental Shirts Reveal Relationships, talks about the shirts in her life that come with memories. Her excellent stories got me thinking about what triggers my memories. My memory-attached items are not shirts, but parts of my decor.

Memories are important. 

In a recent workshop I talked about items and small events that pepper the lives of our characters. It is, in part, these human prompts and memories that make our characters memorable and loved.

1) This bookcase (and its matching partner) was built by my father over 35 years ago. It is just the right size for paper back books and a few hard covered ones as well. Every time I go to it, a flash memory of my Dad occurs.

2) This Duncan Phyfe side table had a place in our homes and memories of my mother waft from it like soft clouds. She often kept a heart shaped dish of peppermints on it.
The congregation of St. Paul's Presbyterian Church in Winchester, Ontario gave to Mom and Dad when they left there. My older sister Lena helped the committee pick the table. So I remember not only Mom but also my sister when I look at this table.It occupied every living room we had after that...five different ones.

3) From time to time my Hubby works away from home - anywhere from 2 days to 10 days. His guitar, which he plays numerous times a day when home, lays on the sofa and gives me the illusion that he is only steps away.

4) Over a decade ago, I spent several months making weekly trips to the cancer treatment enter with my long time friend, Odette. She had the same bag in blues - but gave hers away when she was once again healthy so it did not remind her of the treatments. For me, I still use mine and my memories are connected to our friendship.

5) No picture for this last one. It has to do with bras. When my BFF of 50 years and I were teens, her mother took her to a professional bra fitter. She was told to bend over from the waist and tuck her bosoms into the cups and settle them there for the right fit. She shared that information with me (and rightly so for a BFF). I think of her often when I'm getting dressed. I smile and it helps my day get off to a good start.

What items in you life prompt memories for you. If you are a writer, do you give your characters similar items? If you are a reader, do memories like these endear the character to you? 

Please share with us in the comments.