I write books that have a foot in each of the cozy and mild suspense camp all delivered with a faster pace to meet today's world. The recurring cast of characters live in a small community, Cable's Cove, but the lead in each book is a different person. You may find the occasional damn and an off-scene murder plus a light romance with an undercarriage of suspense. But the story is about the mystery and the characters.



  • Came Home too Late
  • Book 3 in the Caleb Cove Mysteries (June 2016)
The sins of the father...

When revenge explodes into violence, both the guilty and the innocent can be caught in the fallout. Growing up on-the-run with her criminal father, Emily Martin knows only two truths; her safety depends on hiding in plain sight, and that the police are not her friends. But when the sins of her father's past catch up with her present, only police officer, Harvey Conrad, has the fire-power she needs to fight for her life. Caleb Cove holds both answers and danger. In a race for the truth, will trust be the obstacle that destroys them all?  
  • Came Home to a Killing
  • Book 2 in The Caleb Cove Mysteries - (June 2014)
What do you do when you find out your life is a lie?

When Kelsey Maxwell learns her life is lie, she's determined to uncover the reason for the deception. She doesn't expect her quest to lead to fraud, murder, and Sam Logan, a security consultant and the only man willing to tell her the truth. And she's not the only one looking for her estranged, biological father. He's made off with key evidence, and the criminals want it back as much as Sam does. Caught in a race for the prize, Kelsey doesn't know if the truth will set her free, or get them all killed.

  • Came Home Dead 
  • Book 1 in the Caleb Cove Mysteries - (February 2014)

Be careful what you do in life for your past may come back to haunt you.

When a corpse surfaces in the aftermath of a hurricane, the storm has only begun for Devon Ritcey. Friends and family in Caleb’s Cove offer up an excess of secrets and suspects. With ex-cop, ex-lover, Greg Cunningham, suspecting everyone, can Devon trust him to help her unravel the tangled truths in time to stop a desperate killer?


  • Came Home From the Grave
  • Book 4 in the Caleb Cove Mystery Series

When Constable Natalie Parker suffers a head trauma in an explosion, the effects linger sidetracking her focus and organizational skills and giving her guilty flashbacks to her father's death. Additionally, her goal of moving into community outreach and policing is sidetracked. Recovering in Caleb's Cove she ends up in the middle of a decades old, cold case when two bodies are found in an abandoned house. Can she recover her focus and detecting skills in time to track down the killer and survive their attempts to destroy evidence and silence her? 

Coming April 2018

Maggie Conrad’s husband of ten days is sent overseas in WW1 and never comes home. A second suitor is lost at sea in Nova Scotia’s August Gale. Turning thirty, and on her own, she resolves to make a life for her herself and her younger brother, Ivan. Against her wishes, Ivan goes to work for the rum runners and operates a surf boat bringing shipments ashore. When war-veteran and Prohibition Preventative agent, John Murdock MacInnes, arrives undercover in the area he is referred to Maggie for room and board. With a rum runner and a man she suspects is a policeman living under her roof, Maggie must juggle law and justice, family loyalties and her growing attraction to John as she decides whether marriage might be in the cards for her after all.


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