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How to write about pirates.

 Nabila Fairuz and the Lady Pirate

An upcoming writer making a debut in the world of fiction, Nabila has always had a deep passion for reading. She has written poems, stories and articles, some of which had been published in school magazines, the Ottawa newspaper “Fulcrum” and children’s newspapers. She maintains her blog, “My Own Little Corner” to keep her writing habits growing strong, as well as chronicling her journey of becoming a published author. Nabila has always had a curious fascination about the life of pirates. “The Chronicles of Captain Shelly Manhar” is her debut novel.

Hello Nabila,

Welcome to my blog series of authors in Alberta. I’m happy to have you take the time to answer my questions. As you know, I’m also looking at whether writers think they’ve been born to write or shaped into writers by their life experiences. Let’s see what your answers reveal about you and your characters.

1. Have you always thought you might someday write a book? Or did you come to that decision as you got older?

Interesting question! I have always enjoyed writing, but I don’t think the idea of actually publishing a book came to my mind until I grew up. As I grew older, the possibility of being a published author didn’t seem so far-fetched. I kept on the lookout for opportunities until finally, last year, I received a contract for publishing my book, The Chronicles of Captain Shelly Manhar.

2. As a result of you path to publication, do you think writers are born or made? In other words, is it a genetic based urge or do our lives shape us into writers?

I never quite thought of that before. After reading your question, my first instinct was to say that writers are made. I always wanted to write and enjoyed doing so at a high capacity. But to become an author, it takes more than just raw talent. More than anything, it takes a high level of determination, proper skill of the language, and the ability to understand how the craft of writing works. So I guess it takes a little bit of both nature and nurture to bring forth a writer.

3. Will your character, Shelly Manhar, appear in upcoming books to create a series? If so, have you planned several books with an over arcing story for the series or the character?

At this point, I am not planning to turn Shelly Mahar’s story into a series. In my mind, this pirate’s tale was always supposed to finish in just this one book, with the pirate captain slowly sailing away to the distance under the hues of a glorious sunset. However, should I find an appropriate plot that requires her return, I’d definitely be bringing her back. For the moment though, I am writing another story that I would be turning into a series.

4. If you could cast your characters in the Hollywood adaptation of your book, who would play your characters?

Since the Pirate of Caribbean movies did inspire me to write my book, Johnny Depp’s name quickly jumps to mind. I can easily see him as a character in my book, maybe the antagonist. But truthfully, I have never given it a thought, and honestly, I think I’d be horrible at casting.

5. What prompted your interest in pirates? And how much research do you find necessary?

This might sound a little clich├ęd, but I first got interested in pirates after watching the very first Pirates of the Caribbean movie. It was funny and quirky, and plot of the movie was fun to follow. That movie got me interested in learning more about pirates, although I found out pretty soon that pirates in real life are not as funny or hilarious.

For me, I feel that the more research one can do, the better. It helps me to constantly search for information regarding what I am writing at present. Somehow it helps me to focus better.

Questions for fun only:
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Please answer yes or no. Have you ever:

1)      Danced naked in the rain? Ha ha! Nope.
2)      Ridden a camel or an elephant? Camel, no. Elephant, yes! It happened while I visiting Thailand with my family.
3)      Jumped out of a plane? Nope, and don’t plan to unless absolutely necessary.
4)      Been in a bar fight? Nah.
5)      Gotten lost in a strange city? Um, maybe when I first came to Canada.
6)      Shared your ice cream cone, lick for lick, with your pet? (What kind of pet was it?) No.

Thanks Nabila, for taking the time to share part of your writing life with me and my readers. 
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