Thursday, August 18, 2016

What the heck are forerunners of death?

The East Coast of Nova Scotia, 

as well as other parts of the province, have unlimited stories of forerunners, ghosts, apparitions and all things other-worldly.

Forerunners are those ghostly events that foretell a death. 

They include:
- three knocks on the door with no one outside
- visions of a relative seen in the night
- ghostly figures following you on the road
- non-existent figures seen in a rear-view mirror
- footsteps heard on the stairs with no one there
- footprints seen on a floor where no one has walked recently
- the sound of a vehicle coming to the house but no one is there

Usually these forerunners are followed by a death of a family  member or friend within a few months or less and well before that person has reached a ripe old age.

For two real ghost stories of this generation, visit my blog on legends and ghosts.

Ghost story collections. 

Stories of these events and their outcomes are available in a number of books. The most famous eastern story collector is Helen Creighton whose books, Bluenose Ghosts, are well known.
(All titles are linked to if you would like the book.)

Ghost Stories of Nova Scotia
I've also shivered to the tales of local authors like Veron Oickle and others.

Ghosts of the Titanic
Julie Lawson

Haunted Harbours - Ghost Stories
Steve Vernon

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