Sunday, March 20, 2016

Finally Doing IT

Fulfill that dream....


Learn to fly...

Recently a friend told me she'd called the flying club about taking a trial flight with the view to taking flying lessons. It was something the young her wanted to do. I have another friend who did the same thing after her divorce.  Flying, soaring in the wild, blue yonder, is synonymous with freedom. Not so much freedom of the body, but freedom of the soul, the secret, inner us.

Look back...

I asked the question,  "What had I wanted to do when I was still young?" Before the so-called reality of the world made itself known, before I hit puberty and grew up. My mind ended back in the ages 8 to 10. I was on a swing with the neighbors' one-year-old on my lap. I was singing to her, making up the words as I went and my whole being, experienced bliss.

...and remember.

I remember being fascinated with symbols, alphabets and words. I learned a secret code with my brother. I was given the Korean alphabet, and I practiced making the letters. I learned the two-handed alphabet from a deaf cousin. I loved Latin because it helped me with my words. I wrote because my words painted stories. I write mystery novels to entertain others.

Find a way...

This morning, as I read through my Facebook, I saw a video by a deaf woman on why trying to integrate deaf children into the hearing world and denying them ASL (American Sign Language) does not work. It ends up isolating them. ASL is the language that allows them to learn and be included. I have enough French and Polish to say hello, thank you, my name is {Mary}. Why not be able to do at least that much in ASL?

A tiny voice in my heart said, "It's not too late."

This morning I looked up ASL lessons on YouTube. There are plenty.  For now - that's where I'll learn. In the future I hope to find a class where I can interact with others for practice.

Excitement floods in my middle as I accept that, even though I am 5+ decades into this life, I can still learn the things I wanted to learn way back when. I owe it to my childhood self to at least try.

What was your dream?

Sit silently and remember being eight, or nine, or ten. What pleased the young you? What dreams did you hold in your heart, dreams that got buried in life's happenings? Can you find a way to fulfill that dream, to feel the bliss that comes with accomplishing it?

Or at least trying. Share with us if you like.

Follow your dream and soar.



  1. Excellent post, Mahrie! My childhood dream was to write novels. At age eight, I loved curling up with a book and could spend hours imagining other worlds.

  2. And here we are, Joanne, fulfilling that dream to write so others can enjoy reading like we did. One to tick off the list.

  3. I've always wished I could draw, and my dad wanted me to be an artist. Recently a teaching colleague (a band teacher, mind you) taught us a few simple ways to draw simple figures. He said he did it through youtube videos. I'd never drawn a face that looked like anything beyond a simple smiley man. I was delighted. I need to access what he did and continue. Thanks for the inspiration to do so!

    1. You go girl! Art lessons can teach us to be better even though we might never be Van Gogh. I learned as a preteen because my parents could afford the lessons but not the lessons for tap dance. Looking back, I do believe that the art was a gift they gave me. Draw up a storm.