Friday, October 9, 2015

Can you confess your biggest lie?

Author interviews can run the gambit from the mundane to the extraordinary. One question that is not asked often is:

 What is the biggest lie you've ever told?

The lie I remember telling came when I was in nurses training at the Ottawa Civic Hospital. As student nurses we lived in a residence with curfews, sign ins and restricted guests. And the starched, restricting uniforms as shown.
Student Nurse Uniform

At the time, I was timid and shy. I had limited experience with boys or dating. However, one Friday night two of the gals had dates and the boys brought along a third. I think their options were limited or they probably wouldn't have chosen me. But there I was, out on a group date with two of the wildest girls in the building.

How I survived the evening, I'm not sure. I don't even remember what we did. I do know we reached the restaurant for a late snack just as curfew struck . A call needed to be made to the night clerk, or we'd all be grounded for an extended period of time. As the innocent, I was nominated. Looking back, I suspect the other two had already had more than one over-curfew event.

The phone was in the hall outside the kitchen. (This was before cell phones.) I called and told the clerk that the car had broken down, that we'd found an all night garage and they were fixing it. I held the phone toward the clash and clatter in the kitchen and promised we would be back as soon as possible. Whether the clerk actually believed me or not, I never knew. But when we returned a good ninety minutes past curfew, none of us were grounded.

Phew - there now. I've confessed one of my biggest lies. Not so terrible in the over all scheme of life, but at the time, a big deal.

Now, as a writer,

 I wonder what lie a character might be hiding that would give me a springboard for a story.

What's your biggest lie? Care to share? Please add your comments.