Wednesday, June 17, 2015

War Brides - One story of friendship.

 After the War

After WW1 thousands of young women came to Canada with their soldier husbands. Although some came from France and the Netherlands, most came from the UK. Not all War Brides were welcomed by their husband's families or communities. Many young women were anticipating finding husbands among the returning men and weren't pleased they'd been "snapped up" by British women.

This story is only one of many told by my mother about that time in our history. Others are grim, tales of those who did not return home and those caught in the gassing at Ypres. This one is more cheerful.

A young British bride ended up in my mother's home village of Sherbrooke. My grandmother befriended her and they were BFF's of the time. Unfortunately, I don't know the woman's name. But at some point, the English gal gave my  mother one of the prize possessions she'd brought from England--a china tea cup and saucer made in the 1800's.

The teacup has come down through the family with the story. It is a reminder of the importance of friendships and reaching out to those around us. A memento of a difficult time in our history.

What family mementos do you have? And what is the story behind them?