Wednesday, April 15, 2015

What do we gain by going home to our childhood haunts?

The heart wants what the heart wants - 

- and often that is a glimpse of your childhood home, a memory that triggers a smile and warms your heart. For me when I go back in space or just in time, I gain the ambiance of family, friends and the childhood hopes of an amazing life... most of which happened even if not in the way I expected.

For me home is Indain Brook, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. 

Recently I found a post the reeled me back to age 13 and hot summer's climb, an adventure over a rarely used path to the Indian Brook Falls. (Large and Small). Foilage smells swirled around me, aching leg muscles triggered a twitch and laughter washed over me. Have a look and see if this was in your past, wouldn't it trigger strong memories for you?

Water Falls of Nova Scotia by Abvhiael Crowley.

This is only one photo of one of the many falls Mr Crowley has collected from Nova Scoita. This one is Little Falls, Indian Brook River. I put my bare feet in that water to cool sneaker-heated toes. It was cold and fresh. Nothing quite like it.  Please visit his site and see all the information and photos.

This photo by Dr. Paul of Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort.

  The House I Was Born In

 I was born in the community of Indian Brook, in the front, downstairs bedroom of the Presbyterian Manse. Although we lived in many manses after than, and I've had many homes with my family, this area still makes my heart ache with its beauty.

Do you have a place from the past that you like to go back to, if only in your mind? Was it good for you? or not? 
Please share in the comments if you have such a memory.

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  1. Beautiful pictures of Cabot Shores! I have many fond memories of my visits to the Maritime Provinces. At one point, I considered moving out there. Joanne :)