Wednesday, April 29, 2015

How do YOU stay organized?

Do you have a busy life that requires organization?

This past week or so I've been attempting to catch up with myself. I decided to try a few organizational tools over and above the handwritten "to do" list in my "daily-notes" book.

I want to be sure I get:
  • my exercise done,
  • my meals planned and cooked,
  • my contacts kept up with, 
  • my ongoing reading and research done
  • my writing moving forward and 
  • questions answered on various topics for friends. 

I also like the satisfaction of checking off the things I do get done. Rewards like a square of chocolate (dark of course) or a cup of my favorite tea (Ginger Peach) also encourage me to get more done. 


To help me stay organized, first I had a look in Excel


- and found various templates. I tried this one. Still getting used to it - and still adding things to the to-do list AFTER I've done them. That satisfaction in checking them off thing. The template carries forward repeat items with each date. Excel has list-templates for everything from moving to meals. Well worth checking them out.

Excel DayBook

With my writing, however, organization requires a different approach.

I still like old fashioned scene cards written by hand. When I've exhausted the ideas for scenes, characters and plot, I convert them to typed pages. This time, with the 3rd book in the Caleb Cove Series, I am using Power Point slides to record each scene. The typing-up process solidified the plot and revealed clearly where I need more scenes, more character appearances and clues.

 My search for organization will be ongoing.

Hand written scene cards
Scenes in Power Point

What advice can you give me? What do you do to keep your life, your family, your job or your writing on track?

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  1. Impressive! I especially like the idea of using PowerPoint for scene cards. Thanks for sharing, Mahrie :)