Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Christmas in the old west

Brenda Sinclair
Today I am pleased to welcome historical romance author, Brenda Sinclair. Western romances are a special genre and Brenda writes stories that entertain us in the old west style. The folks in Spirit Creek have charmed us in the first four of the "NO" books. Join them all for a Christmas in the western world of the past in this new story: No Peace.
Thank you for allowing me to join you today. I am having so much fun writing the Spirit Creek Series, and I’m delighted to share some of my musings about it.

Did you have all the plots roughed out or thought about in advance? Or do you do them one at a time as you go?

The title, No More, has never changed since the first draft over ten years ago, but the plot-line evolved over time and several scenes were cut. Of course being of the opinion that this ‘brilliant writing’ *wink, wink* couldn’t be lost forever, I toyed with the idea of writing a trilogy. And some of the rejected scenes went into book two. Then the trilogy morphed into a six book series when plot-line ideas wouldn’t stop popping into my head! I suppose that’s a good thing. I prepare a detailed plot summary (yes, I’m a plotter) of each book before I start writing. And I write down ideas for scenes as they occur to me, but plot-line changes are constantly evolving even as I write.

How do you keep all your recurring characters straight?
That is no small feat when you’re keeping track of an entire town’s population! Mind you, several recurring characters appear in every book. But new citizens have arrived and a few births and deaths have occurred. A huge poster board occupies an office wall with color-coded Post-its covering every square inch. Blue means a deceased citizen, yellow is for children and pink is adults currently alive. I love writing about so many unique citizens, and I’ve had reviewers mention they enjoyed having the characters from an earlier story appear again in future books.

What do you like best about this current release, No Peace?
One of the male characters in No Ties, a strong alpha type, needed his own story. Blake Connors is the hero in No Peace. The best part about this novella is the fact it ties up (no pun intended) a few lose ends from No Ties. With Blake’s life in chaos, he is torn between proposing to the love of his life, Gertie the hotel waitress, and just leaving town. Also, readers can expect an update on some of the citizens featured in the first four books.

What can you tell us about the books in your Spirit Creek Series?
How often have we heard the old saying Variety is the spice of life? Too frequently to count, right? We all enjoy variety in our leisure activities, in our hobbies, in the movies we watch and, of course, in the books we read. When I plotted the Spirit Creek Series, I kept this concept of ‘variety’ in mind. But, sorry, no vampires. Just sheriffs, schoolmarms, outlaws, ranchers, bank robbers and the like.

Book One, No More, finds a recent widow and a wealthy ranch involved in a marriage of convenience to provide their children with two parents. Of course, their secret feelings for each other get in the way, along with a number of other problems facing their blended family.

Book Two, No Time, has lots of plot twists and romance. Ellie Thomas is a schoolmarm who considers the town’s lawyer simply a friend who stands by her when she needs help. But Robert has loved her from afar for years, and he hopes to win her heart.

Book Three, No Chance, was written for readers who enjoy a few steamy scenes in a romance story, so beware if you’re not a fan of a ‘hot’ read. Chance Maxwell and Sadie Peterman heat up the pages and each other while Sadie learns harsh life lessons.

Book Four, No Ties, is another sweet romance between Sheriff Ernest Jones and schoolteacher, Ivy Paterson who told a little white lie years ago, shortly after arriving in Spirit Creek. When she recognizes a stranger in town, she realizes her fib is coming back to bite her in the bustle.

Book Five, No Way, involves a troubled widow who arrives in Spirit Creek by mistake.
Book Six, No Hope, features an abducted schoolteacher. Both of these will be released in 2015.

All of the books in the Spirit Creek Series and the Christmas novella are available on Amazon at

Thank you so much for letting me join you today! Happy reading!




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