Wednesday, July 24, 2019

How to tell a story - in 3 easily understood steps

 By Anne R. Allen

Storytelling is the foundation of novel writing. 

Without it, all the beautiful prose in the world is wasted. There are many ways to explain the structure.

 Anne R. Allen's short and succinct explanation!
  says it better than most.

 How to Tell a Story: Follow the Rule of Three

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

3 keys to prolific writing

Writers, empower yourself with these three mindsets.

Three basic precepts all writers need to know and remember to be prolific. 

  1. First writings do not need to be good - they just need to be written. You cannot edit a blank page.

  1. Writing well is learned in the same way swimming strongly is. Get in the water/just write, learn some skills, get some feedback and keep swimming/writing.

  1. Golfers golf. They do not have to make it to the PGA to either call themselves golfers or to enjoy the game. Writers write. They do not have to publish a best seller to call themselves writers or to keep writing.

Claim who you are. 
        BE a writer! 
              Just write.