Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Lethbridge author pens YA Fantasy novels.

Welcome to my blog-series of authors in Alberta. I’m happy to have you all take the time to answer my questions. I’m also looking at whether writers think they’ve been born to write or shaped into writers by their life experiences. Let’s see what their answers reveal about them and theircharacters.

My featured author in this blog is Jenna Greene from Lethbridge, Alberta. Jenna teaches grade 6 at DA Ferguson Middle School in Taber. She lives with her husband, Scott, and daughter Olivia. They have two dogs: Tyko and Thor, Dog of Thunder.

Jenna has a YA fantasy series published with Champagne Books. The first is titled IMAGINE. The sequel, is titled REALITY and she is currently at work on the third book in the series. She also has a YA Contemporary called HEROINE. It was originally published by Aspirations Publishing. When that company went out of business, she self-published Heroine

1) Have you always thought you might someday write a book? Or did you come to that decision as you got older?

That thought was always there. When I was five years old, I wanted to be a fairy princess and a writer. When I was in middle school, I wanted to be a teacher and a writer. When I was in high school, I wanted to be a zoologist and a writer. As I got older and started to make serious attempts at writing, I dabbled in poetry and short stories, but never quite got the knack for it. In terms of writing, I was meant to be a novelist.

2) As a result of you path to publication, do you think writers are born or made? In other words, is it a genetic based urge or do our lives shape us into writers?

Both! I’ve definitely got the genetic urge. A grade one teacher told my mom I had skills as a writer and that idea stuck. But if I hadn’t developed the right tools along the way – education, love for reading – the path would have been a dead end.

Link to Imagine

3) You have two books with the same main characters, Katharine and Becky. Do you more adventures planned for these two?

I just wrote the first draft of the third book in the series, and hope to start editing soon. In total, I believe there will be four books sharing the adventures of Kat and Becky.

4) You teach grade six, something I did a number of years ago. Do your students read your books? And do you use them as Beta Readers?

Interestingly enough, none of my students read my novels when they’re in my class – but they do as soon as they move on to the next grade. I have a plethora of grade 7, 8, and 9 students who are currently exchanging copies of IMAGINE, and some high schoolers are doing the same.

When there is time, I read chapters to small groups of literacy students, or novel ideas to get feedback.

5) Do you have a favorite character in your books? And if your books were turned into movies, who would play that character?

Link to Reality
My favourite characters are the Brownies Alana and Petie. Writing them is hilarious. It’s like trying to manage two hyper puppies. Casting for those two would be a tricky process but I would love to find out who could play those parts.

Questions for fun only:
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 Please answer yes or no. Have you ever:

1)      Danced in the rain? When do I stop?
2)      Ridden a motorcycle or a hot air balloon? Ridden a motorcycle – did not want to. Did not enjoy.
3)      Jumped out of a plane? I like riding in them. That is all.
4)      Learned a language other than English? Tried to learn French. Tried to learn Spanish. Succeeded at neither.
5)      Gotten lost in a strange city? Many, many times.
6)      Shared your ice cream cone, lick for lick, with your dogs? No. I don’t share ice cream with my husband, either though.

Jenna thank you for your candid answers. I'm sure your readers are looking forward to having the third book in your series to read. We'll be watching for it.