Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where do you find shops and restaurants with that east coast flavor?

Two great places to explore and shop

Fisherman's Cove, Eastern Passage, NS

Fisherman's Cove -

Located back of Dartmouth, NS in Eastern Passage this is a great place to spend an afternoon. When I was back home in October 2013, I made three visits.

A movie crew was filming a sequel to The Beethoven Movies in the Boondocks Restaurant and we sat and watched, getting a great view of the wonderful dog-actors (and the humans.) (Yes, that dot is the Saint Bernard walking on the mudflats.) 

The site, founded in 1996, hosts gift shops, museums and art galleries as well as several places to enjoy a meal. The boardwalk also wiinds through the marshes is a great place to get your daily exercise. If you prefer, you can buy an ice cream cone and sit in the sun, watching the world go by.

A similar but fictional boardwalk and shops make appearances in the Caleb Cove Mysteries. Sheldon Harris Came Home Dead , the first one, was published in February 2014. The second, Katya Binks Came Home From Away  was released in June 2014. 

 The Halifax Waterfront

Another must see location for shopping, ice cream and great seafood is the Halifax Waterfront. Walk the boardwalk, visit the Mariners Museum and make your way to Pier 21, the intake for so many immigrants in the early 1900's. Check in the research room to see if your ancestors arrived through the Halifax Port. We got a great picture of the Empress of Scotland that brought my husband's father to Canada.

Lower Deck, Middle Deck and Upper Deck Restaurants

The Halifax Waterfront Boardwalk is a public footpath located on the Halifax Harbour waterfront in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. Constructed of durable heavy timber, the Halifax boardwalk is open to the public 24 hours a day.

In Katy Binks Came Home From Away, Sam and Kelsey run through here when they get a distress call from Henry the Bar Keep. Later they take an incognito stroll along the Waterfront Boardwalk to catch one of the many tour buses parked in front of Pier 21.

 Have you been to Halifax? Are you from there? What's your favorite place to visit on a sunny, summer day?


  1. Hi Mahrie, Whenever I visit Halifax, I love walking along the waterfront. On those sunny and warm days, a whale watching tour is a special treat. Joanne :)

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